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Unexpected Benefits of Team Building Exercises

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Team building exercises have been used to improve communication and boost productivity in the workplace for decades.  While the main benefits are clear, some additional gains are more unexpected.

What Types of Team Building Exercises Are There?

The concept of team-building exercises is to put your employees in a different environment to help them build diverse relationships with each other.  Team building exercises can be divided into four main categories:

1)    Communication activities

These tasks encourage your staff to find new ways to communicate.  Clearer communication leads to a more efficient workplace.

2)    Problem-solving and decision-making activities

These tend to be practical and physical, and they require your team to work together and trust each other to carry out their assigned role.  Studies have shown that having confidence in workmates creates better collaboration.

3)    Adaptability and planning activities

Taking part in a task that requires planning and adaptability can highlight the creative instincts of your employees.  In a pressure-free and fun arena, original thinking has a chance to shine, and these abilities can be utilized in the office.

4)    Trust-building activities

Conflicts are inevitable when a group of people works together.  Taking part in fun exercises that build trust between team members means that disagreements are more quickly resolved, improving the workplace environment and increasing efficiency.

How to Benefit from Team-Building Exercises

Trust-building exercises can be arranged on the business premises or take place offsite.  You can choose to pay for them to be organized, or you can set them up yourself.  So, what are some of the benefits you may discover?

1)    Increases in Employees’ Motivation

When a business expends time, energy, and money on team bonding exercises, its employees feel valued.  Knowing their bosses are investing in them means they are more willing to work harder and put in extra effort.

2)    Increases in Employee’s Confidence in Themselves and Each Other

Spending time together building trust and confidence in each other helps increase a team’s unity.  Feeling more confident in the workplace gives employees the courage to express new ideas and depend on others within the group.

3)    Improvement in Mental Health

Getting out of the workplace and bonding with fellow employees in a fun, low-pressure manner is a great way to clear people’s heads and get them to relax, which positively impacts a person’s mental health.  Feeling valued and appreciated and developing closer ties with workmates also improves mental health.  Working together on problem-solving tasks and team games builds respect between employees.  Team building exercises also provide a way to recognize achievement outside of work parameters and discover hidden talents in your staff.

4)    Improvement in Physical Well-being

Human-Football-TableLarge numbers of staff missing days because they are physically unwell has a detrimental effect on a business’s productivity.  Getting your team out of the business environment and engaged in fun physical activities outdoors can boost their physical well-being and improve their health.  Racing through an inflatable obstacle course or jumping together on a bounce house will get everyone’s heart beating faster and their energy levels improving.  You can rent inflatables for your team building days from any good party rental company.

5)    Encourages Creative Problem Solving

Tackling a problem as a team-building exercise can help encourage creativity.  Popular tasks in this category include finding a way to drop an egg without it smashing or building a bridge strong enough to support a load.  Being out of their regular work environment encourages creative problem-solving.  The encouragement and the success of this kind of thinking will continue when they are back at the office.

6)    Identifies Leadership Skills

Team building exercises are a fantastic way to identify potential future leadership candidates.  While the activity is fun and low-pressure, individuals can take on planning and tactical roles they may not have the opportunity to attempt in the office.  There’s also the chance to notice who is the most encouraging and supportive of other team members, essential qualities for successful leaders.

Team Building Exercises Produce Many Rewards

As you can see, team-building exercises can benefit a company’s workforce.  Improving the way a team works together increases efficiency and productivity.  Boosting individual staff members’ physical and mental well-being and increasing the respect and trust between team members leads to happier, harder working employees and benefits the whole business.

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